About Us

Boasting a beautiful roof garden with stunning city views, a peaceful and calming dining area & the first MaxiSky patient lifter in the country, Humana Health Care is a 22 bedded sub-acute hospital in Durban. We pride ourselves on providing a serene and pleasant environment for patients to recuperate.

With a multidisciplinary team on hand, together with a great in-house staff complement, Humana Health Care provides comprehensive and diverse medical and rehabilitation care for our patients.  Some of the services offered include, but are not limited to, physiotherapy, occupational & speech therapy as well as dieticians.

Opened in May 2017, we are proud to have one of the best sub-acute hospital offerings, providing a unique service of ‘’discharge planning’’ & ‘’caregiver training’’ for those family members / caregivers who will be caring for the patient after discharge.

We welcome any patients or family members to visit our facility to take a look around the premises, prior to admission.

Medical Aid affiliated

State of the art equipment

World class & safe environment

Carefully selected & highly qualified staff

  • What Is Sub Acute Care?
  • Why Choose A Sub-Acute Facility?
  • Who would come to a Sub-Acute Facility?

What Is Sub Acute Care?

Sub-acute facilities / care are comprehensive and cost-effective inpatient programmes for those who have suffered an acute event as a result of illness, injury or disease. In cases where the course of treatment has been determined and patients do not require intensive diagnostic and / or invasive procedures i.e. acute care.  This type of care has become an innovative worldwide medical trend.

As of 2017, Humana Health Care is one of the premier sub-acute facilities in KwaZulu-Natal, offering premium and innovative medical assistance.

Humana Health Care fills the void for patients who have recently been discharged from an acute facility, following an acute illness. Our sub-acute facility aims to facilitate a healthy recovery period, to patients who are not fully recovered and require medical support in order to regain normal life functionality.

The main goal of a sub-acute facility is to assist patients in managing their new or evolving health conditions. This involves gaining their strength and mobility after any acute illness and to assist in their day-to-day life activities. It brings a smile on our face to know that with our help, patients are now able to return to their normal lifestyle with family and friends.

Our state of the art facilities are geared towards assisting every patient to live an independent life post discharge.

Why Choose A Sub-Acute Facility?

With a shortage of beds in a general acute hospital, sub-acute facilities alleviate the pressure on acute facilities by allowing movement of a patient to the sub-acute facility, thus avoiding a premature discharge.

Sub-acute facilities are set up very much like an acute facility, but with a lower cost.  And thus there is a drive to move patients from acute to sub-acute facilities.

Who would come to a Sub-Acute Facility?

Sub-acute facilities care for many different types of patients but mainly would be those who have already been to an acute hospital for treatment.

Examples of sub-acute care:

  • Patients who sustain injuries resulting from a fall, especially fractures and various joint replacements
  • Post operative care (operation, and immediate care thereafter, done in an acute facility and then moved to sub-acute)
  • Post fracture care
  • Amputations
  • Oncology Patients
  • Stroke care & other neurological care
  • Recuperation after long illnesses
  • Patients with peg feeds, tracheostomy care, oxygen dependency
  • Administration of IV meds
  • Chemotherapy Patients
  • Renal Failure Patients