Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide the best in rehabilitation care and services. We aim to foster a relaxing and professional nursing environment, ensuring our patients are well looked after and comfortable throughout the duration of their stay and working with the patient to get back to their active lifestyle pre-admission.

Our facility focuses on providing basic rehabilitation care for patients with more complex health conditions such as strokes, post operative conditions, extended ICU hospital stays, oncology or chemo patients, amongst other conditions.

Our belief is that patient rehabilitation and care extends past being admitted. At Humana Health Care, we pride ourselves on providing holistic care.  With this, we have a unique offering of ‘discharge planning and transfer of skills’ – this allows the primary caregiver to visit the facility for a few days and gain experience in how to manage the patient after leaving our facility, giving the patient the best possible chance to recover.

By offering basic skills training to families of our patients our goal is to ensure they are able to manage their loved one, after they leave our facility. We believe that this is crucial to the patients’ long-term health.

Patients will receive specialised treatment plans, designed by our relevant medical teams.  At Humana Health Care, every patient has the ability to choose their attending Doctor (conditions apply), however, we can assign a GP to the patient if required.  We also have relationships with several physiotherapist teams, each having their own specialities, speech therapists, dieticians amongst others, who visit the facility to treat patients.

We pride ourselves on our good reputation and professional attitude towards our patients.  We treat everyone with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Our goal is to ensure that you, as the patient, can trust in our diverse medical team to maintain the quality level of care, at all times.